Business during COVID-19

Effective Job Search Techniques During COVID-19

With millions of Americans out of work during the COVID-19 crisis, many of you are searching for a new job. The way we job search has changed due to the crisis, and this article will explain the most effective job search techniques that you can employ. Job search is a skill that is difficult for many of us, but you can easily and painlessly improve this skill

Change Your Mindset

The days of attending networking events, trade shows, career expos and other job search events are gone, at least temporarily. Since we can no longer attend these events, we must find other job search strategies.

Also diminished are job postings from companies as many of these positions are now placed on hold or have disappeared altogether. Some of these positions may open up later once management has determined the daily routines and logistics. Human Resource (HR) departments are getting up to speed on how to manage a remote workplace. So, while organizations are revisiting how they do business, you can be proactive in several aspects of job search strategies that will help you gain attention, skills, and hopefully your desired job.

Get Comfortable Networking

Networking is a great skill to have but it’s difficult for many of us to get motivated and actually reach out to other people. With no physical network events happening right now, you need to turn to online networking and activate your networking skills.

The quickest and most effective way to do this is to look for like-minded professional groups online in sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Search for groups that interest you and join them. Become comfortable networking by adding comments, posting, or sharing relevant business posts. Make yourself visible. Always keep the conversation professional and on relevant business topics. As you become known in a group, you never know who may reach out to you with an open position at their company (did you know that referral candidates have a 15% higher rate of being hired than someone who responds to a job ad?).

You should also network with friends, former colleagues, mentors, etc. Tell them your story and ask them about their story. Share a video chat to get comfortable using that platform or practice with a friend or family member to learn the right settings to showcase yourself favorably in case you have a video interview. Video interviews are more common today.

Create a List of Targeted Companies

Take the time to sit down and reflect on what you really want to do in your career. List the companies you are interested in and job titles. Focus on these companies and reach out to them in several ways:

  • First, research each company online and see if they are hiring and if it’s a physical position or a remote position. Look for job descriptions or their job board to see what these jobs entail. Set up Google alerts to notify you if an article is posted on this company so that you can stay current.
  • Secondly, contact their HR department and inquire about hiring activity for the position(s) that you seek. If they sound interested, get a contact name and email address and send them your resume. It never hurts to ask.
  • Thirdly, on LinkedIn you can search for employees at each company you’ve listed and send them an invite to connect. You can learn a lot by knowing someone on the inside. Tell them who you are, and you’d like to connect with another person in the same field. Start a conversation.

Job search has changed and knowing more effective ways to land your next job is vital to your success. These job search techniques are simple and do take time, but once you’ve mastered them, you’ll find better opportunities. Stay focused, network, and take the time to research companies.